Research Center for Civil Engineering was founded in 2005 within the Civil Engineering Faculty of Riga Technical university in order to enhance a multidisciplinary cooperation between construction science and other branches of science. Researchers of various fields of construction science are members of the Center thus providing solutions for problems in construction science from different perspectives.

Research Center for Civil Engineering comprises 3 scientific laboratories:

  • Water Research Laboratory
  • Scientific Laboratory of Powder Materials
  • Spatial and Regional Development Research laboratory


Research Center for Civil Engineering has defined the following goals:

  • To coordinate and conduct research in the field of construction science;
  • To develop a mutually integrated environment for defining and solving problems in mechanics, environmental science, material science, applied physics and chemistry, as well as to apply engineering methods to solve problems in the field of engineering systems and technologies;
  • To motivate and support regular students and PhD students in their research;
  • To contribute to professional development of the human resources involved in the research;
  • To cooperate with other scientific and industrial institutions in the field of research;
  • To enhance a cooperation with universities, professional associations, educational, governmental and local authorities in the field of fundamental and applied multidisciplinary research;
  • To provide consultations for industrial companies;
  • To attract funding for international and regional research projects.